What was the function of racism during the colonial times?

Which streets were renamed in the African Quarter and why?

We provide answers to these questions and aim to create incentives that motivate our participants to engage more with Germany's significant colonial history. Our tours have already been booked by organisations, associations, school classes (on school trips), companies, university groups and interested individuals.

Mbote, Servus et Salut!

We are deSta- an independent company that offers guided tours in the African Quarter and Humboldt Forum in Berlin.
Our tours are about the often undiscussed colonial history of Germany.

I am Justice, the founder. It's our pleasure to welcome you here.

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Would you like to gift a guided tour? Please contact us via e-mail at info@dekolonialestadtfuehrung.de


Our tours are suitable for every interested person. Here you can find out why.


All our tour guides have African roots and can give you a new, differentiated perspective.


We create safer spaces for BIPOCs. Our tour guides make sure to use discrimination-sensitive language.


We draw our information from a scientific studies funded by the City of Berlin.

Some Facts

Nothing is glossed over on our tour, but there is no blame either. Everyone is allowed to listen and learn.


Inclusion is important to us: Since 2022, schools in Berlin have a budget that can be used to finance measures and projects for political education. This way, socio-economic differences can be compensated for. Furthermore, we warmly welcome people with disabilities who want to take part in our guided tours.

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We identify with Mission 16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is about working for "peace, justice and strong institutions".

With the guided tours of Berlin's African Quarter and the Humboldt Forum (Europe's largest cultural project), we want to contribute to creating a basis for achieving precisely this: a peaceful and inclusive society.
Equal opportunities should not just be a buzzword, but the reality of our fellow citizens in Germany.










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