How does Germany profit(s) from the slave trade?

The activities of the Germans in the global trade with enslaved people enriched the German financial and capital system which, among other things, flowed into the raw materials and metal industry, which is one of the foundations of our current prosperity. Due to the financial boom, the German population also grew in the 17th century. strongly on. At the same time, the growth of German industry in turn enriched slavery:

Understanding colonialism as a power structure

Wie wurde der Kolonialismus als Machtstruktur etabliert? Der Kolonialismus war geprägt von einer klaren Machtstruktur, die sich auf verschiedenen Ebenen manifestierte. Zum einen gab es die politische Ebene, auf der die Kolonialmächte ihre Macht durch die Errichtung von Verwaltungsstrukturen und die Etablierung von Gesetzen und …

TOP 15 book recommendations from the community

Afroculture “the space between yesterday and tomorrow” Natasha A. Kelly My grandmother’s hands Racialized Trauma and the Mending of Our Bodies and Hearts. Resmaa Menakem ExitRacism learning to think critically about racism Tupoka Ogette Being German and black at that Memoirs of an Afro-German Theodor …

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