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    We offer guided tours for groups (for example: clubs, families, companies, foundations, associations or schools). The decolonial tours can be included in any program. Whether day seminars on various topics, as part of team events or even in the case of a trip to the capital, we look forward to meeting you evening.

    The private group tours can take place from Monday to Sunday. For this, appointments must be requested and arranged individually.

    Insider tip: Experience history from a different perspective!

    With the tour through the African Quarter you will get to know a new, somewhat unknown side of Berlin. Germany’s colonial history is an often undiscussed chapter. We will teach you exciting and very significant facts about German colonial history and show you very concrete traces on site, which make its relevance and topicality visible. Our goal is to give you a change of perspective.

    The Humboldt Forum, is a place of cultural diversity and historical significance. We invite you to experience Berlin and its collections from a completely new perspective. Our Decolonial Tours offer you the opportunity to see the history of the city and its collections in an insightful and profound context.

    Immerse yourself in history.

    Our experienced guides are experts in decolonizing museums and culture. We will help you understand the complex stories behind the exhibits and look at the colonial past of the Berlin Palace with a critical eye. Learn how history impacts today and how we can create a more inclusive future.

    We invite you to broaden your perspective and look at history from a new angle. Book now and be part of a tour you won’t soon forget!

    We are looking forward to your request!

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